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Worm Castings

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2 pounds of worm castings, sifted and ready to be sprinkled over the roots of your plants!

This is a live product folks, I have four Wooden Worm Boxes in my backyard and am constantly making castings for my garden and for you.  I the harvested castings are sifted through a 1/4” screen and again through a 1/8" screen, some bug friends fall through as well as some other organic material. 

Sprinkle this onto your indoor plants and water it in, they will perk right up!  Grab a handful and rub it into the root zone of your garden veggies, they will love it!  Throw them in a bubbler and make some worm castings tea to spray your plants with!  


If you are local and want a 1lb bag, hit me up, if you want more than 2 lbs, it's always worth inquiring!