Urban Garden Wisdom encourages organic waste recycling and holistic gardening practices for healthy soils, thriving plants and a greener world. We believe that in the garden, dirty hands will lead to a happy heart!

What We Do

1. The Gardener’s Path

Anybody can have a green thumb, sometimes we just need a little help. For tips and tricks on organic gardening, we can come to your home and we can work side by side in your garden or connect via tele-consult. Think of me as a garden tutor! We offer coaching sessions by the hour as well as in packages. Don’t know how to sow seeds? We can teach you! How do you prune tomatoes? Let us show you! Let’s plant an entire bed of lettuce together! When you follow The Gardener’s Path, we will be getting our hands dirty together to help you on your way to having a beautiful and thriving garden!

2. The Composter’s Path

Many people get overwhelmed when it comes to composting. Composting and vermicomposting does not need to be a mystery and can be quite fun! It’s amazing to see the full cycle of life by putting things in your compost and watching them become a part of the soil. We can teach you how! We can help devise an appropriate method for your situation and implement it with you. We can trouble shoot existing systems and/or build you something completely new. UGW believes that composting is key in developing healthy soil for thriving plants. Home composting also helps to limit the amount of materials you send off your property by recycling them on site, leading to closed loop systems. Let us guide you in making amazing compost for healthy soils!

3. Holistic Landscape Consultation and Design

During a 90 minute Holistic Landscape Consultation we will come to your home and spend time with you in your space.  Consultations are different than coaching opportunities as they are more conceptual and geared towards holistic landscape design: this includes  ideas on plant species and placement, soil health, medicinal plants, native plants, fruit trees and shrubs, rain catchment and more.  These consultations are comprehensive and catered to address your  immediate needs. Afterwards, you will receive a written overview of our time together with any information that we discussed plus any extra relevant documents such as plant lists, implementation plan, product lists, and resources.

UGW also offers larger scale, entire property, permaculture designs. Please click below to find out more!

When you take a flower in your hand and really look at it, it’s your world for the moment.

Georgia O’Keefe

About The Author

Jessica received a Certificate in Holistic Landscape Design and a Permaculture Design Certificate from Bastyr University. She completed the Master Composter and Sustainability Steward program through Seattle Public Utilities. She continues to work in advocacy for soil health by doing contract work with Kiss the Ground, helping to administer their live cohort for their Soil Advocacy Course. She is inspired by natural beauty and watching things grow. She is happiest when her hands are in the soil!

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