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My life is full–with kiddos, loving partner, pets and work. I was exposed to plants and the natural world from a very young age. My mom was an herbalist. She had a large garden where we would harvest and connect with the plants and the medicine they provided. My Dad would take me on long nature walks where we would observe the beauty of all things wild and how they interacted with one another. These moments, as a young person, are the foundation for my love of nature. I believe that by turning our attention to the natural world peace can be found.

I am a grateful and returning member of the Association for Professional Landscape Designers.  I received a Certificate in Holistic Landscape Design at Bastyr University. This included a Permaculture Design Certificate and an independent study.  I did a 9 month internship at Tilth Alliance for the Master Composter and Sustainability Steward program that they host through Seattle Public Utilities. I helped to manage their composting and vermicomposting sector and continue to volunteer to teach classes or host workshops.  I have taught vermicomposting workshops to all ages in various locations throughout Seattle.  During the pandemic, I took a deep dive into back yard vegetable growing through the Wild Abundance online gardening school.  

Other related work and education: 

  • I volunteer on the Education Committee at the Magnuson Children's Garden.  
  • I also worked, part-time, with Kiss the Ground, a non profit based out of LA. I help to administrate their Live Cohort Soil Advocacy Training Course. I believe soil health and the importance of policy advocacy is a crucial part in moving in the right direction to combat global warming.
  • I have taken pruning courses with Plant Amnesty and am working towards my Master Pruning certificate. The classes are fun and amazing!

Memberships and Associations:

  • Association For Professional Landscape Designers (APLD): I am a member and also participating in their mentorship program.  I am grateful to be surrounded by knowledgeable and experience designers.
  • Washington Organic Waste Recycling:  Gotta keep up on what's happening with our state waste programs!  Composter's Unite!