Here are links to my tried and true resources. Some reach out far and wide, some are more local. If you have any that you love and want to share with me, send me a message! This is how we build community!



Chip Drop: Get your free wood chips by signing up here! Bare in mind, you may get A LOT of them, so share with your neighbors!

Garden Hotline: for all your gardening questions!!!

King County Conservation District : free soil testing for King County residents.

The Northeast Tool Library: tools that you can rent! The even offer some workshops and have a seed library!

Rain Wise: offers information on rain garden installations and rain catchment installment. Some Seattle areas are eligible for free or discounted installations.

Seattle Public Utilities: For information on Recycling and Composting programs. Learn what goes in and stays out of your Recycling and Yard waste bins

Tilth Alliance: Seattle Based. For information on gardening classes, master composting series, annual plant sale and SO MUCH MORE!

WORC (Washington Organic Recycling Council): For a deeper dive into Washington states Recycling culture and programs.

Plant Amnesty:  For pruning education, volunteer work and more!


Kiss The Ground: Learn about the benefits of soil and how to advocate for soil health.

  1. Find out how you can watch the move here.
  2. Join in on the movement here.

Soil Food Web: Learn more about soil microscopy and how you can further your knowledge in the field.