NE Seattle Urban Farm

This long term, on going project, will span over a number of years.  We are currently in the concepts phase.  Concepts are layouts of property features.  During this stage we nail down where garden features will be located along with plant aesthetics and larger plant choices.  These clients have ducks, chickens, bees, and dogs on the property, as well as children!  Their property is on a busy street and they enjoy the interaction with the community who stop and look at everything they have going on in their space.  They are interested in furthering this interaction with their neighborhood by creating a design that has permaculture concepts such as a rain garden, rotation grazing for their livestock, compost set up to feed the soil, a place to luxuriate in the garden with an outdoor kitchen, a little more privacy in certain places, a greenhouse, an ADU for family members and grown children to stay in, an outdoor sauna as well as a completely edible and medicinal garden surrounding the landscape.  This client's package has included several soil and heavy metal tests on their property, the creation of three concepts which will lead to a final design, plant lists, and include a long term implementation plan that will span over 5-7 years.