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Personalized Composting/Vermicomposting Class for Your Community Garden/School

Please contact UGW directly if you are interested in having us come out and teach a class on composting or vermicomposting!  We can create a lesson plan that is specific to your location and audience!  We can teach kids classes and adult classes, in schools and in community gardens! 

Some perks include looking inside a worm bin and observing castings and Soil Food Web Critters, a coloring sheet for kids which explains worm anatomy, learning how to sift castings, feed, the difference between the "browns" and the "greens", putting things together, ect.  There are lots of options!  

Please visit my vermicomposting kids book for a fun introduction to vermicomposting!


Cost for a Composting Class depends on the scope of the project!  Please get in touch!